Course Levels Explained

How course levels work

All /Any / Mixed level

Any level icon This symbol is used to show that a course is suitable for learners at a range of levels. They are often introductory or taster courses. These courses are usually unaccredited but you will receive a college certificate.

Mixed level courses at Hillcroft include:

The Starting Point Dyslexia & Dyspraxia Strategies Confidence Building Taster and introductory courses for English, Maths,ESOL and ICT

Entry Level

Entry level icon

There are three stages at Entry Level so that you can build skills gradually:

E3 – Entry 3 E2 – Entry 2 E1 – Entry 1

Entry Level courses at Hillcroft include:

English Maths ESOL

Level 1

Level 1 icon

Level 1 study is equivalent to GCSEs (grades D – F)

Level 1 courses at Hillcroft include:

English Maths ESOL ICT

Level 2

Level 2 icon

Level 2 study is equivalent to GCSE (grades A – C)

Level 2 courses at Hillcroft include:

English Maths (including GCSE) Pre-Access

Level 3

Level 2 icon

Level 3 study is equivalent to ‘A’ level or a BTEC National Diploma. It is normally required for supervisory roles in employment. Level 3 qualifications are normally required in order to apply to University/Higher Education (Level 4+)

Level 3 courses at Hillcroft include:

Access Diploma Massage Therapy