Student Testimonials

Hillcroft Students at the Science Museum

What our Students Say

'I discovered so many things about myself , my learning capabilities my needs in education, meeting loads of different kinds of people'

'Everyone was really supporting and the other students were really welcoming as I felt nervous and did not really want to attend at first, it has shown me what i need to improve on so i can move forward'

'The course was very well organised, very well led, the support was available and was excellent. The participants were amazing and made the course what it was - a success'

'The passion from my teachers has been amazing and very uplifting for my own confidence. I actually believe i can achieve my set goals, which is a first for me ever.I am thoroughly enjoying the process of learning how to learn. The course has touched many subjects that i will now be able to continue and get to grips with in future courses that I intend to take'

'Excellent tutors plus really good learning aids (both visual and physical). The tutors had a down-to-earth, pleasant and powerful way of imparting information and exercise demonstrations. We were given plenty of documents to complete for our future work on ourselves. At the end of the course I feel so much better and keen to progress further. Having done lots of workshops in the past some years ago, I rate these tutors as the best that I have ever had'

'I now understand how to take a deep breath when struggling in a situation. This is a great skill, also to be in the now, be totally present, to allow my senses to feel... Most important! take time out to rest and enjoy life with out feeling guilty, if i am resting. I loved every minute of my stay, when coming on the course had no idea of meditation or what it meant to be mindfulness. I will use the techniques'